"A high level of playing from an international trio. Judging by this superb disc, the trio is a happy meeting of European and American players. Schubert's Trio is performed with a restrained use of vibrato from the outset, giving the first movement a transparent texture in this beautifully balanced recording. Juilliard School graduate Livia Sohn performs with great sensitivity and the second subject of this movement is especially clear. It is answered by well-matched cello playing in the second movement by Luigi Piovano...this is fine playing in the modern style. Pianist Bernadene Blaha demonstrates fluid musicianship throughout. The Notturno in E flat major reveals similar traits and is a charming if modest work...The sum total, however, is a highly enjoyable disc."
The Strad Magazine
"Latitude 41 executed this demanding program with an elegant sense of line and beautifully shaped phrases. Their stunning use of dynamics evolved organically from the music and were so beautifully matched it was as if the three musicians were physically attached. The trio presented an amazing variety of tone color and an intense rhythmic energy, which made every movement exciting and compelling. The timbre of the violin and cello matched perfectly, and the playing of all three musicians was simply brilliant. Brahms’ sweeping melodic lines, rhythmic complexities and changing harmonies were all realized convincingly and with the greatest ease..." - Read full review
"...The final result, completed in 1889, is very beautiful, and an appropriate and satisfying climax to his compositions for this combination of instruments. Above all, Brahms had brought music for the piano trio to its triumphant perfection, a century after Haydn’s first compositions for the trio.

It was a privilege to hear this glorious music played with such mastery, and the players, after performing some of the most demanding music ever composed for the piano trio, still came out to talk with members of the audience. It was a splendid occasion."

The Daily Hampshire - Read full review at
"The booklet notes quote Schumann's 1836 description of the trio as a work that "blazed forth like some enraged meteor," with an opening movement "inspired by deep indignation as well as boundless longing." The artists here — Canadian pianist Bernadene Blaha, violinist Livia Sohn and cellist Luigi Piovano — find all this and more in a memorable performance. A finely-nuanced and highly effective performance of the Notturno completes an excellent recital disc. Recorded at the Rolston Recital Hall in the Banff Centre, the balance and ambience are perfect."
The Whole Note - Read full review at
"Pianist Bernadene Blaha, cellist Luigi Piovano and violinist Livia Sohn sparkled through a first half that featured Beethoven's Trio No. 1 in D Major, Op. 70 ("The Ghost") and Mendelssohn's Trio No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 66. The trio worked forthrightly through the sometimes-brooding Beethoven selection and stepped it up with the more fiery and melodic Mendelssohn selection, drawing a standing ovation heading into the intermission."
Newport Daily News
"...the trio plays Schubert beautifully...[they have] a willingness to let the music unfold naturally and a warmth that lets Schubert’s poignancy show through."
Paul Althouse, American Guide Review
"Trio Latitude 41’s performance is like overhearing an intimate conversation in someone’s great living room. [...] a fascinating new look at a repertory work. This is a most welcome addition to my record library."
Classical Voice of North Carolina - Read full review
"This is the debut release from Trio Latitude 41, and while they've chosen a well-worn piece with which to introduce themselves to the marketplace, they have nevertheless brought real freshness and elegance to it. Schubert's Opus 100 piano trio is a monument of Romantic chamber music, and Trio Latitude 41 bring to its performance a perfect blend of fiery emotion, unquestionable technical skill, and a deep respect for the power of Schubert's melodic gifts. Their rendition of Schubert's posthumously-published Triosatz is also excellent."
Baker & Taylor, CD Hotlist
"The Latitude Trio approaches the music in a clear, straightforward way, giving the music sparkle and momentum. The musical ideas are clearly presented and the three instruments keep a beautiful balance throughout. Blaha’s fairy-dust touch on the piano is a pleasure to behold. This is all about Schubert weighted in favour of the Classical, rather than the Romantic side. Sometimes, simplicity is the hardest thing of all to achieve, in music or anything else."
John Terauds, Musical Toronto - Read full review at
"The group enters an extremely crowded field of recordings of Schubert's Piano Trio in E flat major, and deserves credit for creating an entirely distinctive reading...this can be highly recommended even for those with large collections of Schubert trio recordings."
James Manheim - Read full review at
"...Trio Latitude 41 seem to get the balance of emotions and intellect just right. Pianist Bernadene Blaha always switches roles flawlessly from leading voice to background support, and never...steals the spotlight all to herself. Cellist Luigi Piovano and violinist Livia Sohn are so in sync with each other, that at times you would think that they've put together a mechanical contraption moving both their bows as one."
Jean-Yves Duperron - Read full review at
"These are lovely compelling performances of Schubert's masterworks...Trio Latitude 41's performance is fully satisfying, rising to a truly passionate conclusion."
Lee Passarella - Read full review at
"Trio Latitude 41 finds musicality and whimsy within the E-flat major trio's daunting framework and imposing length."
Kevin Filipski, The Flip Side